In A Defined Margin: An Advocacy for a Dynamic Christian Participation

The prayer of this book is that there shall be a great re-awakening of the Church towards politics in the light of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. This book is the shofar of the prophet inviting the church into serious politics in Nigeria. I believe active political participation is an indispensable part of the mission of the church on earth.

Author, Gershinen Paul Dajur, PhD


The perennial problem of Christians being apathetic to practical involvement in politics has been the bane of the Church as she grapples painfully with challenges of poor/bad governance, persecution/domination of Christians and the sheer depravity of morals, spirituality and abject poverty characteristic of ungodly leadership. This book is a solid theological and sociological study of the inseparable connection between Christianity and politics. The author, a thorough Theologian and passionate churchman par-excellence has courageously reiterated the following facts: that modern structure of politics is derive from the Holy Bible; that God intends His children to rule over the world He created and not be subservient to people outside the covenant; that politics is erroneously perceived as a dirty game; that opponents of Christianity deliberately utilise all opportunities to take hold on power; and with that comes automatically their control of all vital forces and agencies of governance; that failure of Christians to recognize, appreciate, embrace and practice their civic obligations have subjugated Christian interests and influence upon society and that this consequently threaten the survival of the Christian faith and the church.

Dr. Paul Dajur, Archdeacon and General Secretary of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) has done a good job aided by his various vantaged positions and exposures: An indigene of a Plateau society that has been involved in ethno-religious conflicts, a youth who has dreams to right the wrongs of the failed older generations, a senior church cleric who  experiences religious persecution, an administrator based in the nation’s Federal Capital, where political powers in the  executive, legislative and judicial sectors interact, amongst whom are Christians and so-called Christians. 

The clarion call of this book is a wake up charge for good people with fear of God, especially Christians, to get actively involved in electioneering activities at all relevant levels and strive to occupy political positions of power so that, guided by Christian principles they might provide godly and progressive leadership alternatives to the present political crisis of poor leadership and underdevelopment in contemporary Nigeria. 

I strongly recommend this book for its simple style, profound truth and undisguised theological arguments to support the eradication of that dangerous fallacy that Christians should abstain from partisan politics on the shaky ground that it is corrupt and evil. Reality is, that failure of Christians to participate practically in politics is tantamount to betrayal of God’s express commands, His kingdom and the welfare and peace of His church.

Rt Rev’d Prof. Dapo F. Asaju,

Bishop Theologian, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Professor of Theology and Vice-Chancellor, Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo.

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